Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Summing up the fall 2004 Limb Crawling Tour

In the six months since I suspended my own blog, among many one-liners, I made a few more substantial appearances online:

  • I explained, on Edgewise, why I don't believe I'm morally bound to be polite to most conservatives when the subject of politics comes up.
  • I reviewed the 15 sitting presidents' re-election bids since 1890 and explained, in a Daily Kos comment, why Bush wouldn't win: "In more than a century, no sitting president other than FDR has won reelection during a down economy—even when there was a strong success overseas, let alone an unpopular and unsuccessful foreign military affair." This one falls into the bucket labelled "Why They Play the Games."
  • Once the voters defied my logic, I analyzed, on Edgewise, why Bush's election performances are the worst by a two-termer in the past 100 years.


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