Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Torture debated

Following up on the Gonzales nomination: The Senate began debating it today, and apparently Ted Kennedy shone pretty brightly. His office has his comments online. The guy who is running a web list of blogs opposing Gonzales set up an e-mail list for all of us who have those blogs (550+)... and then subscribed us all to the list! So for a few hours, we got inboxes clogged with strangers' politics. (A normal day's personal mail for me is 10-20 messages; today I got 76.) He's working hard to stop Gonzales and should be thanked for that, but apparently he was unfamiliar with Netiquette. [Update: whoops! Make that more than a hundred stop-Gonzales-list e-mails, as several dozen were in my spam filter, including several big-name lefties.]


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