Thursday, March 24, 2005


Phrases that everyone should be reading during the 2006 election campaign:

  • "South Dakota senator John Thune, whose secretly-paid media mouthpieces worked closely with a gay hooker to smear his opponent,..."
  • "Delaware senator Joe Biden voted for the Republicans' Act of Moral Bankruptcy in 2005,..." (insert your own politician as appropriate)
  • "Regarding his vote for the Moral Bankruptcy proposal, Nebraska senator Bill Nelson said, "So far, I’ve voted against seniors and veterans." He went on to wonder why he would vote against violent protestors."
  • "Florida representative Allen Boyd fought to replace the guaranteed insurance of Social Security with a risky government-mandated stock account; then he voted to drastically limit the Constitutional right to file for bankruptcy in the event of a medical crisis, so that creditors could confiscate that fund in the unlikely event it had any money in it."


At Thursday, 31 March, 2005, Blogger mdl said...

Don't know whom you're quoting, but Bill Nelson is from Florida. The senator from Nebraska is Ben Nelson.


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