Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oily predictions

Somebody mentioned Jim Kunstler today. I thought I recalled having heard of him before, and sure enough it turns out he's this James Kunstler, who used to work at Rolling Stone and has written several books. But what happened today is that somebody pointed me to his weekly blog. He's over the top in a few places, and he's frankly insulting to certain groups such as stock-car fans and evangelicals ("no major spokesperson of the "born again" sector has made a peep about Las Vegas, or against legalized gambling anywhere in the country" ???). But he's still damn insightful about oil, the economy, and the incompetence of our corporate masters. Beware: his insight won't increase your optimism. "The Democrats may have less credibility in the future because they were not obligated to defend a foolish status quo, and they did anyway." "Are we going to subcontract the Jolly Green Giant to go around America moving things closer together so we don't have to burn so much gasoline?"


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