Thursday, March 10, 2005

Open letter to Rep. Tauscher

I sent this letter to my Representative, Ellen Tauscher:

I read today of your signing a letter to Speaker Hastert, supporting the bankruptcy bill passed this week by the Senate.

I find this a shocking decision. This bill is evil: it severely slashes the rights of law-abiding citizens--real people--to further enrich a few huge corporations.

You call this a "mainstream solution". But there is no problem here to solve: the credit industry is taking in record profits because of its increasingly oppressive policies. The proposal coming to the House is nothing more than a government bailout of creditors' bad risk decisions, an attempt by banks to have their profit cake and eat it too. And it is not yet "mainstream" in America to deny a majority of Americans their Constitutional rights in favor of corporate profits.

Oppose this bill. Bankruptcy is a moral and practical means to offset, to a very small degree, some of the imbalance of power in our society. It should be preserved.

(Update: Quickly after sending this message by replying to the address from which I receive Ms. Tauscher's e-mail reports, I received a mail saying she had closed the account. She only accepts electronic messages through her web site, so that she can screen by street address for those living in her district. And the Postal Service page that her page redirects to contains some stupid Mozilla-killing script.

Thanks, Representative. As gratitude for expressing my opinion, I had to suffer through a program crash, a visit to a third-party site, and the priviledge of trying to communicate to you a second time.)


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