Monday, May 02, 2005

Why are right-wing religionists considered pro-America?

Over the weekend, on national television, Pat Robertson and Lou Sheldon said that Muslims are not fit to serve in the U.S. government. This attitude is undemocratic and should be criticized by every politician who has sworn to uphold the Constitution. Any day now, they'll finally admit that they think Catholics, Lutherans, and Unitarians shouldn't be allowed to vote (remember, George Bush Sr. already said that atheists aren't patriots or even citizens). John Aravosis gets this exactly right: "Robertson and Sheldon just made themselves instant pariahs - no politician should ever meet, talk to, or do anything with any organization that has anything to do with either of these two ever again." (Roberson, desperate to emphasize his nut-case status, also says that federal judges are a greater threat to America than the Civil War, Nazi Germany, or Al Qaeda.)


At Monday, 02 May, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the Robertson's quote this morning on the radio and it was even more offensive when you get to the particulars. His logic appeared to be that all Muslims in the world are at jihad against the west and to 'would you want someone at war with us on the bench'? Amazing lunacy. The really scary part to me was how comfortable he sounded saying it, how confident he seemed that we're far enough down this slippery slope that there was no need for any pretence. With ABC News no less.
-Cecil Vortex

At Monday, 02 May, 2005, Blogger the RaptorMage said...

To be fair (though it only excuses ABC, not Robertson), George Stephanopolous actually gave him a chance to clarify or retract... something like "do you really believe...?" So we're not yet at the point where the captive, conservative-owned media can let a religious test pass without verification.

At Monday, 02 May, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that part too, and Pat basically said, naaah, I'm good. Thanks.
-Cecil Vortex


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