Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Business travelling

I haven't travelled on business in a long while... On a cross-country plane ride Monday, I sat next to a man who was plainly uncomfortable unless he was talking. Also, he believes that people from California will always lose in Arizona courts; he thinks that Orange County is terrible now that it's full of Mexicans; and as soon as he found out I'm in the publishing business, he immediately related a story about a friend of his getting ripped off by a publisher.

So I made him as uncomfortable as I could, in the circumstances.

Being in Indianapolis has been much more positive. I've met several fellow Wiley-ites and seen far too many amazing new systems I'll be using. And tonight we're on our way to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game (if you're there, I'll be the one wearing a Rochester Red Wings t-shirt). So I'd rather be swimming with my kids and sleeping with my wife, but the trip is trying its hardest not to be a drag anyway.


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