Wednesday, June 08, 2005


You might notice that I've added Think Progress to my blogroll. At this point, I only have time to read a handfull of sites each day, and the blogroll really does represent my priority list when time is short. (Although if Ig doesn't resume posting soon, I'll have to stop checking in on Benzene.)

TP does a fantastic job of cutting through the bullshit to the heart of the matter. Better still, they do something far too few blogs do: they use the hyper-ness of the Web to its fullest extent. TP entries don't just have one link, three grafs of quote, and a sentence of "Indeed."-level comment; they usually have multiple links, often holding up contrasting or contradicting quotes next to each other, and make cogent points of their own. In fact, a TP entry often makes a point about public policy and a point about the journalisming around that policy, as demonstrated by today's "Two Plans, One Ridiculous Headline". (And their graphic categorization scheme is cool, too.)


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