Monday, October 24, 2005

Pride of place

The White Sox and Astros have caps that give no indication of where they play (city or state, depending on the team's preferred name). The ESPN column "Uni Watch" figured out that "this marks the first time two teams with geographically indeterminate caps have faced each other in the Series since way back in 1931, when the St. Louis Cardinals, whose caps were blank in those days, met the Philadelphia Athletics", whose cap even to this day reads "A's".

Some teams have at least one cap with a geographic reference and at least one without—for example, the Seattle Mariners sometimes have an S, sometimes have a trident-like M, and on at least one occasion used just their compass-rose logo. Cleveland wears Chief Nocahoma on their foreheads; the Baltimore oriole now alternates with "O's". The Angels cap has an A, which for years stood for Anaheim as well as Angels; I guess that's a non-city cap now that the team claims to have moved to Los Angeles...


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