Thursday, October 06, 2005

They want to make The Handmaid's Tale into reality

The Indiana legislature has a bill in process proposing to regulate female fertility treatments and which children can have their parentage legally recognized. (PDF of text here; news articles here and here.) The bill essentially extends much of Indiana's regulatory language on adoption to fertility medicine. In order for a woman to receive medical help to conceive:
  • You must attend church.
  • You must be married to a man.
  • You must not be a lesbian.
  • You must describe and attest to the lifestyle of the intended parents: employment and income, personalities and physical descriptions, hobbies, child care arrangements, and much more.
(The bill would not regulate sperm donation or male fertility treatment.) In addition, courts would be prohibited from establishing parentage if the parents got medical assistance without the bill's certificate OR if a parent had been convicted of one of several crimes, including drug offenses. Now, let's be charitable and assume that this anti-American crap will never get out of committee. (If you live in Indiana, please don't assume this; call your representatives and make sure!) Does the far right really, truly believe that a majority of Americans are so apathetic to politics that they can push our country over the edge without any objections? What have the rest of us done to deserve these totalitarians clogging up our political system and hogging the public discourse?


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