Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The world bites

This morning I had the first real heart-to-heart conversation with my wife in weeks. (And it was weeks before that, and weeks before that--suffice to say that they're rare.) I told her how confused my job might become in the near future, and she told me what's up at counselling and with her lymphedema. That we don't talk is not because we don't love each other or don't have anything in common; it's all logistical: when I'm home, she's not, and vice versa. And for that reason, the world bites. She's my friend, I like her, I just don't get to be around her much. Damn.


At Thursday, 13 October, 2005, Anonymous John DeVera said...

It's a tragedy when the urgent consumes the important. There are few opportunities to connect to anyone and we need to guard those moments, especially with our soul mate.


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