Friday, January 06, 2006

Scope(s) creep

Jack Gordon asserts that Christians should fight against the teaching of "intelligent design" in public schools, to avoid the inevitable: scientific examination of the hypothesis that there's an intelligent designer.

Science doesn't tell us that evidence indicates that the Earth revolves round the sun, not vice versa, and then shut up. Science is always obliged to ask the next question: How far is the Earth from the sun? What is its trajectory? What keeps the planet from spinning away into space? [...] They must know that if the scientific method walks us to the doorstep of an intelligent designer, then science must open the door. They can't really expect that science will just ring the bell and then run away giggling. Can they?

Pretending to treat the origin of everything as science means asking science to rank their God with Pan Gu, Brahma, Môt, Nanahuatzin, and all the rest. What will they do if Jehovah gets cut off by Occam's razor?


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