Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can't get enough computer stuff

Macworld has a feature on fashion and accessories for geeks. And while I will never be caught in the same room with items such as the Hello Kitty flash drive, I do want two of their finds:
Mini Lava Lamp: Lava lamps are great for those moments at 2 a.m. when you find yourself staring at your Mac’s screen for what seems like hours. But then your eyes start to wander, and you turn to Lava World International’s $10 Mini Lava Lamp—the world’s most simple-yet-fascinating toy.
(I've linked to the one in lime green...)
Flash Wristband: Say this about a USB flash drive you wear on your body: it’s a lot more difficult to lose the Flash Wristband, which sells for anywhere from $16 to $65 depending on capacity.
(Much cooler than lugging the laptop home each night!)


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