Friday, July 07, 2006

The undeath of God?

In a bit of public projection, a "lapsed atheist" is writing a book on how atheism is on the decline.

...he finds faith in the deity alive and vigorous. Why did the apostles of atheism fail so spectacularly? [...] Politically discredited and imaginatively exhausted, atheism has been forced into an astonishing retreat before advancing Pentecostal preachers and Christian fabulists.

If this is true—and I do not have the ability to gauge enough of humanity to know for sure—then it would seem to me to be easily explained: Those who control the medium control the message.


At Saturday, 26 August, 2006, Blogger Chris Spencer said...

Those who control the medium control the message.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Granted, McGrath is a Christian, but his book doesn't sound like a polemic against atheism. In fact, he acknowledges the rise of agnosticism and securalism in Europe. And of course, latest polls show a 105% increase of non-religious people since 1990.


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