Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online geography game

Cool, it flashes city names or famous site at you and you have to click a map. You have to reach a target point score for each level to move on to the next; I scored 417,394, finishing at level 10 (out of 12), for a "traveller IQ" of 116. (I'm really bad at sub-Saharan Africa.) The world game map is small, so be very pleased any time you click within 200 km of the target. The site has other games for each continent, flags of the world, and so on.


At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Anonymous markdlew said...

Awesome. As you might guess I do well at this. I scored 526,499 on my first attempt. I'm miffed because I just missed being allowed to go on to level 12 -- 54,969 out of 55,000 required in level 11. It's because there were two I totally bombed: the Marquesas, and an Inuit-named town in Canada that I knew had to be north but I guessed way wrong on the east-west.

At Saturday, 19 January, 2008, Anonymous markdlew said...

Second time 609,001. I thought level 12 easier than level 11, but probably just a coincidence of which places I got.


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