Monday, January 05, 2009

Live-blogging the Fiesta Bowl, sort of

Ohio State just scored to make it 17-15 (failed 2-point try), and I just had these thoughts:

  • When the hell are referees going to start flagging coaches for being too far out on the field or for protesting calls in an unsporting fashion or both?! Both Tressel and Brown have been out as far as the numbers tonight, which should be a penalty even if they're being polite—and they weren't!
  • The pass by Boeckman to Young for the TD was not just a great call; it was also satisfying, because Boeckman deserves a lot of success for the classy way he has carried himself this season.
  • USC easily beat Ohio State this year, and after seeing a few Texas games this year I'm convinced we could beat them just as easily.


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