Wednesday, February 04, 2009

IOKIYAR Number... where are we again?

There are many, many things that are OK for Republicans but not OK for Democrats, according to our national media. Perjury, for instance; political corruption, for another; sexual affairs, for another; I could go on literally all day.

Among the differences in treatment: what does "patience" mean, and who deserves it when? For years and years, George Bush and the press urged Americans to be patient about Iraq; now, after ten days of the Obama administration, Republicans are "signaling they are losing patience with President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress." Oh, that is truly rich. And reported without snicking, emoticons, or irony!

Full list of Bush's appeals for patience is here, wrapped up by this thesis sentence:

Apparently patience is a partisan virtue, extended only to presidents who start wars and depressions, not those who are elected to clean them up.


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