Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Party That Means Business

An excellent blog post at Firedoglake spells out how Repos are all in favor of a 'public option' when it's publically-funded and -managed insurance for property, including subsidies, retroactive coverage, and mandated universality—the same Repos who oppose the same things for human beings:

Along the Gulf Coast, on the barrier islands on the Atlantic, in below-water expanses behind river levees and in desert communities plagued by flash floods, our federal government is there using tax dollars to help take care of damaged property.

But people? Providing a public option so people can buy health insurance through the federal government is "socialism," according to Senator John Kyl, the Republican senator from Arizona, a desert state where flash floods are as permanent a feature of reality as sickness and injury. Will someone ask Kyl why he favors what he calls socialist policies for property, but not people?

Remember those turtles on the cable-TV ad, the Slowskis?

Because 40 years of trying, two years of campaigning, and 10 months of Congressional negotiations just aren't enough: Republicans ask US Senate to slow down on healthcare. HA! Folks, this process is anything but rushed. Don't let Repos run out the clock, and don't let conservative Dems kill the public option.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But Barnum reminds us, the nation is full of fools

More quote pulling:
only a complete fool would be blaming Obama for our current mess, and only a complete fool could look at the last few decades and think the solution to our nation’s woes is giving the Republicans another shot in 2010 and 2012. Only this time, they really will take us towards that elusive conservative Utopia that eluded them while they ran the house, the Senate, and the White House! I promise! The check is in the mail! I will respect you in the morning!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Epitaph for journalism

Eric Boehlert has a great dissection of modern "reporting", showing how the American media has become corrupted and biased:

So to summarize: ABC News confirms that it will chase any right-wing "fight" even if it's baseless; even if it's "unfounded." In reporting those fights, ABC News will purposefully exclude Democrat voices from the story. And ABC News, while acknowledging a fight is "unfounded," will allow partisan Republicans to blame the White House for the "controversy."

It's in ABC's own words, folks, not some Democratic Party memo. It's just the latest evidence that the "news" business in this country promotes arguments; the media treats every issue as "on the one hand, on the other hand" even when one side tells the truth and the other side lies.


I'm sorry Wilson! I'm sorry you're such a sad, pathetic sack of lying dirt! I'm sorry somebody with your attitude toward the truth has any power or authority in our society!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Investigate & prosecute crimes

Quote of the day, from Doug J at Balloon Juice: "It’s simply astounding to me that the Village thought it was urgent to drop everything and impeach Bill Clinton for a blowjob, consequences be damned, are so concerned about what would happen if we prosecuted people for the violation of basic human rights."

We put out your fire, here's the bill

We don't object to public management of police, fire, and sewer services. We shouldn't hold up public management of health insurance either: